New Ban Policy

Mark_MB aHead-Admin posted Sun at 21:33

We have introduced a new ban policy. These rules will be applied by all staff members as of today.

1st time ban for hacks: 2 days ban
2nd time ban for hacks: 7 days ban
3rd time ban for hacks: 1 month ban
4rd time ban for hacks: permanent ban

1 & 2 warnings: /
3 warnings: 24 hour ban
4 warnings: 48 hour ban
5 warnings: 7 days ban
6 warnings: 1 month ban
7 warnings: permanent ban

Doubleaccount: Permban with 3 days ban at the owners account

We have these rules introduced, to sharply scale back the numbers of hackers We hope that this will be effective. These rules can be adapted if necessary.

You can check out your records on

Sincerely, The PlanetServers Staff Team
White_Bear_233 MemberMember its still the same many hackers are still there
KillNoobsAllDay Member Please send my password in my yahoomail
KillNoobsAllDay Member Sir i cant acces my account